At Advanced Engineering we are committed to a Safe and Healthy environment for all.

We therefore will ensure that:

  • Appropriate training and supervision for all employees are provided
  • Sufficient resources are allocated to enable the Health and Safety policy to function effectively
  • Specialist health and safety Managers / Advisors / Representatives, whose duties include monitoring on-going Health and Safety performance, providing advice, guidance and training, are allocated to ensure a Healthy and Safe place of work
  • Regular consultation with employees -, contractors- , the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Offices, and other relevant organizations, take place
  • A regular assessment of operational performances takes place. Incident investigation reports and audit reports are reviewed through a structured, management system, in order to ensure continual improvement
  • We are committed to ensuring health and safety matters, are an integral part of the business
  • We are committed to complying with statutory requirements , approved codes of practice , recognized guidelines and other relevant industry standards